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Share Offer Now Open!

Closes 3rd March 2023

Total raised so far  = £53,685

Target £200,000

(minimum £175,000 - max £225,000)

This is challenging, but from our research it is achievable, and essential if we are to raise the funds needed to purchase, repair and fit out East Boldre's former Baptist Chapel.

This is the chance for our community to become co-owners of the shop and have control over its future.

If we fail the village shop will close.


Don't be tempted to think a small contribution does not count...every member matters.

Funders use the number of members as a measure of community support for the project

Full details of this community share offer are in our prospectus at the bottom of this page.

We advise you to read this before investing.

Our community share offer is the key part of our fundraising that involves local people in this project.


It will show the major funds that we apply to that our community is truly behind the project and will encourage them to be generous too.

East Boldre Community Stores Limited (EBCS) is incorporated as a community benefit society.

It aims to safeguard our village shop and Post Office by establishing it as a community owned business

Buying community shares, through this share offer, is the way that people become the owners (members) with a say in how the business is run.


Key facts:

  • Any one (aged 16 or over) can become a member

  • Shares are priced affordably at £15 so that everyone can afford to join

  • To raise required funds, we do need most people to buy more than one share and some significantly more!

  • All members have one vote in business decisions whether their holding is £15 or £15,000.


How to Apply?

  • You can apply online by clicking the 'Apply Online' button

  • You can download an application form to print and complete below

  • You can get an application pack by coming to one of our drop in sessions

  • Unsure? Feel free to call Mike 07971 771118 or email him for assistance.


We would prefer payment by BACS transfer if possible.

Payments should be made to:

East Boldre Community Stores Limited,

Sort code 08 92 99, Account number 67217344

Please use your initial and surname /company name in the payment reference.

Alternatively you can send us a cheque with your completed application form:

Made payable to "East Boldre Community Stores Limited"

Community Share Offer, Dane End, Heath Lane, East Boldre, SO42 7WF

Please write your name and address on the back of the cheque.

Social Investment Tax Relief (SITR):

HMRC have pre-approved of our share offer for SITR. Depending on your tax circumstances, you could be eligible for 30% of your investment back from the tax man! You would be able to reclaim this through your tax return once the shop and Post Office has been trading for 4 months.

Shares cannot be transferred and will not earn dividends but they are withdrawable after three years, once the shop's trading surplus allows.

Approval of Applications:

To be considered valid all applications must comprise a completed application form (paper version or online) and payment into EBCS's account by either cheque or bank transfer so that the payment is traceable.

Once the share offer closes the management committee will review all of the applications received and reserve the right to reject applications with no obligation to provide a reason. For example, this may be because the share offer is oversubscribed or the application was not completed correctly. Payment would them be returned in full to those investors.

Come along to one of the

 Drop In Sessions 

TALK TO US face to face about investing in our share offer.

East Boldre Village Hall

Saturday 11th Feb – 11 – 1pm

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Updated daily based on payments received...
come back regularly to see how we're doing.

Online applications are easier for us but below are printable application forms if you prefer to complete a paper copy.
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