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A community shop is exactly that - owned and run by the community so it will only be viable and a success with your support.

It is essential that we mobilise different people with different skill sets including, but not limited to, the specific roles outlined here that we are looking for help with now.

Looking ahead to when we are trading, as well as needing volunteers to work in the shop, we will need people to help with deliveries or to tend the garden. It is a great way of meeting people and there will always be a paid staff member on duty so if you choose to volunteer you will never be on your own.

As part of our volunteer group we will be providing work skills for the younger members of our community, potentially giving them experience as Duke of Edinburgh Volunteers, whilst working towards their award. 


You may not feel you are best placed to help, rest assured, there is a place and a role here for everyone; from offering your experience in a specific working group, to helping share our news and making our events a success. 


Please get in touch as we are very happy to welcome new blood to the team. Contact us here.

Keep an eye on this page for new ways of getting involved!

Join The EBCS Team

While our existing team has strong retail, admin, financial and project management expertise, we are looking to strengthen the team in the following specific areas.

  • Community engagement

    • We have Lane Rep vacancies in 

      • SO42 7XF, SO42 7XG,

      • SO42 7XP, SO42 7YE

      • SO41 5SW, 5SR, 5SQ, 5SP

    • Producing our newletter

    • Copywriting for press-releases etc.

    • Website updates, maintenance and SEO

  • Heritage project

    • Living memories of the chapel (whether you have memories to share or would like to help collect them.

    • Researching the chapel's history to produce an exhibition and interpretation of the building's heritage.

  • Once we have acquired the chapel

    • Merchandising

    • Suppier selection

    • Recruiting and running focus groups

    • Gardening

    • Helping with maintenance

Please get in touch if you would like to find out more.

Lane Reps

Our Lane Reps play a crucial role in keeping everyone in the community up to date on our plans.

They are a massive help in delivering the 750 newsletters we produce. We brief them with additional information before each publication so they are also the nearest go to people if you have questions or concerns.

We are very keen to increase the number of lane reps to fully cover the community. If you live in one of the post codes shown please contact us if you can help!

We have Lane Rep vacancies in 

  • SO42 7XF, SO42 7XG,

  • SO42 7XP, SO42 7YE

  • SO41 5SW, 5SR, 5SQ, 5S

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