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We Want to Hear Your Chapel Stories

To Baptists, the Church is the people, not the building.


We'd love to hear from anyone who went to any of the Church services, or Sunday School, the Youth group or Messy Breakfasts?

Did you get married or go to any weddings there?

Do you remember the Christmas or Harvest Festival events?

We could meet up or you could just email a few sentences, including the date you are writing about and any photos. If you know someone with memories maybe you can put them in touch with us?

In so doing you are given us permission to use the information you provide for our research and it may be published.

Living Memories - Your Stories So Far

A key part of our exhibition and modern history will draw upon local people's living memories and photographs.

The early years from 1810 to 1985 are documented in a booklet called “A Light in the Forest” written by Eric Smith, Freda’s husband.  However, there is no information collated in one place such as this from 1985 onwards. This is what we need your help to piece together. We have Freda's permission to produce an updated edition of this history.

We have already spoken to members of the congregation and people who worked at the Chapel, including:

  • Freda Smith - attended the Chapel for over 90 years

  • Doug and Beulah Read - whose family have been long associated with the Chapel.  

  • Steve and Sharon Aplin - who ran the youth club, Steve was the Church secretary.

  • Shaun Sweeney - Pastor 1994 -1995

  • Colin Clark - Part time Pastor 2007 - 2010

  • Nick Humphreys - Part time Pastor 2012 - 2015

  • Anne Thomas - went to the Sunday School

  • Kevin House - went to the Youth Group run by 'Uncle Eddie'

  • Kimberley Kitcher - who got married there

Living Memories - The Interviewing Team

Judith Richardson

Bev Hawker

Amie Cleland


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