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The Project

​We aim to be trading by July 2023, a challenging target but one we'll work hard to achieve.

Our planning application has been submitted with a decision expected 18th January 2023. This covers the proposed changes to the site - to demolish the hall, create the car park, install solar panels and get change of use from F1 (place of worship) to F2a (local shop).

Our next steps:

  • Progress our capital fundraising with a view to completing on the purchase in April 2023.

  • We aim to launch our share offer on 20th January 2023.

  • Work closely with Ian and the Post Office to ensure a smooth transition of the Post Office is possible.

  • Collect 'living memories' of the chapel from local residents

We have already updated our previous business plan, much of which is unchanged as our business model and development ideas were sound. Timing and the actual site, with the opportunities it provides, are all that's really changed.


Photovoltaic solar panel's will mitigate the increasing energy prices that the business will now face - the major operating cost after staff wages.

Costs = £699,650

Funding - £699,250 (we had £400 already)

Community Ownership Fund = £299,500

Last year our application for £250,000 was successful. As we now intend to acquire a different asset, we will have to re-apply. We hope to repeat our success given our aims and business proposition are fundamentally the same.

We will apply for £250,000 capital funding that requires us to raise the same amount of match funding from other sources along with £49,500 of revenue funding.

Community Share Offer - £200,000

We plan to raise £200,000 through our share offer which we aim to launch in November 2022. Achieving this target will demonstrate to other funders community backing for our project.

Other grants = £199,750

The funding landscape has changed since January 2022. We have researched the currently available funds that our project is likely to be eligible for and shortlisted the funders we will target. These include public, lottery and private funds. 

Chapel front view.png

A softened street view from Chapel Lane - with the modern hall no longer dominating the site and obscuring views of the chapel. Natural coloured pavers for the off road parking area screened by native hedging and planting.

Shop Layout

A much bigger retail area with a sense of space and wide, accessible aisles.The original Vestry will provide a flexible space for a wide variety of ancillary uses. It will be used to celebrate the chapel's history.

The Vestry

Retail area

The 1990s hall will be demolished to make room for sufficient off road parking.

Planning Application

Key documents submitted. Decision due 18/1/23.

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