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Products and Services

Key to our plans is safeguarding the village shop and Post Office to retain these vital services in our community.

The area that gets us all excited is ‘what will be inside our store’ – lining the shelves and filling the baskets, which of the many suggested services will be on offer.


The ultimate aim is to sell local produce alongside everyday items to cater for household day to day needs along with odd and all-important treat! 

To ensure we offer a great experience and meet local needs our survey results along with research into other village shop's offerings, tasting events and collaboration with local suppliers will inform our product selection.

Growth Generation

To secure the financial viability of the business and hence, ensure its long term success, we have identified several ways in which we can grow the business, whilst delivering additional benefits to our customers.

Further ideas are being detailed.

How we'll generate growth

Local Focus

We aim to boost the local economy by employing local people and sourcing produce locally where possible.

We are using a local printer for our newsletter and intend to employ local experts and trades in the expansion and refit of the shop.

This strategy will come into its own once we are trading as we are surrounded by quality producers and suppliers. We have already identified over 100 potential suppliers.

Please get in touch if you would like to supply our shop or work as part of the project build team.


A DEFRA study found that retail food outlets consume ~3% of the nation's total electricity, the majority of this being refrigeration systems. New, energy efficient chillers will reduce our energy use and pay for themselves in reduced running costs. 


Solar panels along with battery storage will provide roughly half our electricity, a financial necessity (in the face of soaring energy prices) as well as an environmentally sound approach.

We plan to recycle specific types of waste that the district council cannot handle by hosting a small TerraCycle recycling centre, for example, crisp packets, cheese wrappers, cosmetics packaging. 


We'll offer a refillable range of household cleaning products to help reduce single-use plastic too.


The much bigger retail space will allow for wide aisles.

A level entrance will provide access for all.

Products stocked at 3 price points will suit all budgets.

An affordable share price (£15) will make this a truly inclusive venture, allowing all members of our community to have an equal say in the running of the shop.

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